Only thing is, the puffer jacket, like its name implies, frequently makes you look puffy. The voluminous coat might not be a standard at the figure flattery department, but it doesn’t have to make you look large, as the trendy women in Paris and London need deftly shown. Belt your Puffer Jacket. Among many explanations for why puffer coats can be so unflattering is they give you no waist definition. Bring your curves back under the puffer by producing that waist definition with a belt. Either select a puffer along with a self belt, or Do it yourself with your own belt in a comparable color.

Personally, I love the appearance of a black elastic belt with an easy front closed with a sleek black puffer, as envisioned. Wear a Fitted Puffer Jacket. Should you choose to go beltless, then you might still receive a trim appearance with a fitted puffer. Pick a Puffer Jacket thats Short and Slim. If you wear a puffer coat thats brief, you don’t need to worry as much about placing your waist. Simply select a coat with a somewhat slim silhouette, and you’ll be all set. Wear your Puffer vest using a Slim Silhouette.

What to wear with a puffer jacket? The key is slim fitting clothes to make a streamlined look. Leggings, slim-fit jeans, pencil skirts – all of these are good choices for pairing with your puffer. Wear Heels with Your Puffer Jacket.A good general guideline for dressing yourself – the more volume you are wearing, the taller you have to look to pull it off. So if you are wearing a puffy jacket, put on shoes with heels. You do not have to wear stiletto high-heeled footwear, but a number of additional inches of height will do your appearance good. Wear a Black Puffer Jacket. The first rule at the fashion book is that black is slimming, which is most likely why so many fashionistas have a tendency to wear their puffer jackets noir. Were all to defend the breaking of fashion rules, if done intentionally and with care, but we do not see a very valid reason to mess with this rule.

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