Richard Laner, chief labor advisor to Mayor Harold Washington, swears he was utterly dumbfounded as he ready for contract talks between town and a union representing 7, 500 white collar employees. Laner, that has much experience currently in the private sector, has been amazed by the city’s longstanding employees policies. He discovered 600 job classifications from town’s departments, all that has been run like a little duchy. And the duchies, he found, had. By Naomi Tajitsu WELLINGTON – When Elzerie Alcaide transferred to Wellington from Singapore currently in January, she swapped 12 hour workdays, huge mazes of shopping centers and a daily diet of takeaway food for nine-to five hours, weekend trips to the countryside and home cooked foods.

Alcaide is among the 40, 000 migrants, almost 1 percent of individuals, anticipated to settle currently in New Zealand this year, a number white collar workers brought on by a laid back. A few days, Ingrid Sanders is currently in pajamas from dawn to sundown, hunched over her computer looking for employment. To Sanders, who’d been laid off currently in March as an account executive for a Chicago advertising company, the job search is a job currently in itself. When she is not posting her resume electronically, she’s out media with friends, buddies of friends, even strangers. She does not wait to get a chance to mention she’s searching for work, she creates one.

Have silently renewed negotiations currently in their 13 month old dispute, the nation’s largest labor confrontation. Three top officials from each side Formerly met July 5 currently in Chicago, union sources disclosed. Neither side would discuss the meetings, and word of the imminent meeting got out after the UAW mentioned it currently in its phone hotline service for the Caterpillar workers. Dear Ann Landers: through the years you’ve printed letters from readers who’re going through a difficult time currently in their lives. They tell you how surprised they’re by the inappropriate and thoughtless responses of family and friends. This letter is about the pain of unemployment.

Chicago Career Tech is among the first of its kind currently in the country, organizers said, targeting workers like mid level managers, teachers and personal bankers that lost their jobs throughout the recession. Typically, there was a gap currently in assistance programs for such white collar workers, organizers said. Senate Democrats momentarily blocked passage Tuesday of a clear federal spending package, protesting a Bush administration plan to reduce overtime protection for white collar Employees and a provision currently in the bill delaying new meals labeling requirements. The $822 billion appropriations bill also has been criticized by some tax conservatives as laden with pork barrel spending. Those figures were 3 times higher than for the comparable quarter last season. Experts and company officials said the answer rests currently in Caterpillar’s mix of clients, their growing need for equipment from the Peoria based manufacturer and the inflated price of the Japanese yen.

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